Rep. Bell recognized with a top pro-business voting record

Raleigh, NC – The NC FreeEnterpise Foundation (NCFREE) released its 2021 Legislative Business Ratings of the NC General Assembly members voting records on votes related to advancing business and free enterprise within North Carolina.  

In the House, Majority Leader John Bell (R-Wayne, Johnston, Greene) earned the second highest rating with 99.9%. Rep. Bell has been in the top two positions for three years in a row.

“It is an honor to once again be recognized for my efforts to make North Carolina a more business friendly state,” said Rep. Bell. “Since being elected, I have proudly fought to advance policies that support businesses, encourage economic growth and advance free markets. Thanks to these pro-growth reforms of less taxes and fewer regulations, North Carolina now has one of the fastest growing and most promising economies in the nation. I look forward to continuing to advocate for these successful policies that welcome new jobs, businesses and economic opportunities for all.”

NC FreeEnterprise Foundation (NCFREE) is the top research organization in the state providing non-partisan analysis if the political landscape and its impact on North Carolina’s business environment.

Anna Beavon Gravely who is the NCFREE Executive Director said “Legislation considered for our LBR predominately focused on regulation. As North Carolina grows and builds for the future, regulation will continue to be a major issue for the business community. In this first session of a new decade the question – can North Carolina maintain the unprecedented growth of the last decade – remains. Reducing the regulatory burden on the business community to increase competition and choice is the key to answering that question, and this year was a step in the direction of working toward tough, nuanced solutions.”

This year’s ratings are based on the legislators votes on bills, amendments, concurrence or votes to override a veto on issues of interests and concern to the business community, as well as confidential input from over 300 business leaders, business trade association executives, and government affairs professionals. Additional information on the methodology behind the ratings is available on,