Rep. Bell Files Bill to Re-Evaluate 4-Year College Degree Requirements for State Jobs

Raleigh, NC – This week, state House Majority Leader John Bell (R-Wayne) filed House Bill 210, Reduce Barriers to State Employment, to direct the State Human Resources Commission to re-evaluate qualifications for state government jobs in an effort to eliminate - where practical - four-year college degree requirements.

The bill also instructs the commission to determine when work experience and training, such as military service, apprenticeships, or trade school education, can replace the need for a college degree.

“With a record number of state jobs going unfilled, this is a small but significant step that we can take to help address staffing shortages,” said Rep. Bell. “We are already seeing private sector companies, as well as other state governments, eliminate degree requirements to attract employees, and it is important that North Carolina joins them in ensuring job seekers that are skilled through alternative routes are considered for employment.”

Representatives John Sauls, Karl Gillespie, and Jennifer Balkcom are also primary sponsors of House Bill 210. The legislation has been referred to the House State Personnel Committee for further debate.