NC House Passes Bill to Help Veterans and Military Spouses Find Work

Raleigh, NC – The state House unanimously approved House Bill 1053 on Wednesday to reduce regulatory barriers to make it easier for veterans, active-duty service members and their spouses to find work in North Carolina.

Overcoming occupational licensing regulations continues to be a roadblock for many military families who are transitioning to the civilian workforce or relocating from another state.

Active-duty service members often receive extensive training that is equivalent to the credentials required to secure civilian employment, yet lengthy licensure processes can place undue burdens on military applicants. For military spouses, frequent moves between states can also often mean reapplying for licensure every few years.

To help address these problems, House Bill 1053 will streamline licensure requirements and notifications for military applicants and spouses, improve data reporting and better publicize licensure information and opportunities available for military families.

“In North Carolina, we have always striven to be the most military friendly state in the nation,” said Rep. John Bell. “This bill is yet another important step we can take to help support and improve the quality of life for North Carolina veterans, military service members and their spouses.”

In addition, the legislation increases public access to audiology and speech pathology services by automatically recognizing out-of-states licenses for veterans and military spouses without requiring them to obtain a new North Carolina-specific license.

Each of these changes were recommended by the NC General Assembly's Program Evaluation Division (PED). The bill now goes to the NC Senate for consideration.