N.C. House Passes Bill to Let Citizens Decide Voter ID Requirement

Raleigh, N.C. – The N.C. House on Tuesday approved a proposed state constitutional amendment that gives voters the opportunity to determine whether a photo ID should be required to vote. If approved in the November 2018 election, the constitutional amendment would place North Carolina in the mainstream with thirty-four states that already require some form of voter ID. The legislation now goes to the N.C. Senate.

“Voter ID is a common sense tool that upholds the integrity of the ballot box, prevents voter fraud and ensures confidence in the election system,” said Majority Leader John Bell (R-Wayne). “Furthermore, it is overwhelmingly supported by the public and is in line with the majority of states who already require an ID to vote. That’s why I have consistently supported a voter ID requirement in the past and was pleased to vote for this effort to give our citizens the chance to decide such an important issue in the upcoming election.”

Key Facts

  • Thirty-four states require some form of voter identification to cast ballots in their election systems.
  • North Carolina is the only state in the Southeast not to have any form of voter ID at the polls.
  • North Carolina is one of only 18 states that do not require any form of voter identification at the polls.
  • 69% of North Carolinians support voter ID in February 2018 Civitas Poll
  • 70% of likely U.S. voters support voter ID in August 2017 Rasmussen Poll