Majority Leader John Bell Earns Top Pro-Business Voting Record in NC House

Raleigh, NC – Today, the NC FreeEnterprise Foundation (NCFREE) released its 2019 Legislative Business Ratings of the voting records of members of the NC General Assembly as they relate to advancing business and free enterprise opportunities within the state. 

In the NC House, Majority Leader John Bell (R- Greene, Johnston, Wayne) earned the top spot, along with Rep. Larry Potts (R-Davidson) at 99.1%.

“As someone who represents a rural area, one of my top priorities in the General Assembly has been job creation – and that starts with advancing policies that encourage freedom, opportunity and growth across our entire state,” “said Rep. John Bell. “I am very proud to have earned the top pro-business voting record in the House and be recognized for my efforts to support jobs and economic freedom in North Carolina.”

NC FreeEnterprise Foundation (NCFREE) is the premiere research organization in the state providing non-partisan analysis of the political landscape and its impact on North Carolina’s business environment.

NCFREE’s Executive Director, Anna Beavon Gravely, explained “Our 2019 Legislative Business Rating is one of the most non-partisan reports produced in North Carolina’s political environment. We approach the legislative session asking one key question: Does this vote support business and advance free enterprise in the state?”

“As candidate filings begin this week, our Legislative Business Ratings continues to be a lens through which our leaders in Raleigh are viewed,” Gravely said. “This year’s LBR includes a bonus credit for those members who boldly sponsored pro-business legislation. NCFREE believes it is important to celebrate and recognize those lawmakers whose votes result in the advancement of free enterprise,” she said.

The ratings for the Senators featured 12 recorded votes, and the ratings for the Representatives featured 13 recorded votes. Additional information on the methodology behind the ratings is available at