Majority Leader Bell Applauds Passage of 2018 Budget

Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina House on June 1, 2018 approved a $23.9 billion state budget that includes a $700 million increase in public education funding, large pay raises for state employees and educators, an additional $60 million in Hurricane Matthew relief and $35 million for new school safety initiatives. The budget, which now goes to Governor Cooper, also includes key provisions that specifically benefit the people of House District 10.

“This is a great budget for the people of Eastern North Carolina and hardworking families across the state,” said Rep. John Bell (R-Wayne). “Our budget further invests in public education, funds new school safety initiatives, raises teacher and state employee salaries and directs more funding for Hurricane Matthew victims – while also providing tax relief for families and job creators and saving money for future disasters and economic downturns.  

“It also includes key investments in House District 10 that I fought for that encourage economic development and improve the quality of life for my constituents and communities across Eastern North Carolina. I am proud to support this responsible, pro-growth budget that will meet the needs of our great state and ensure North Carolina remains on a sustainable path that has led to a surging economy and record budget savings.”

Key provisions in North Carolina’s new spending plan include:

Investing in House District 10

  • $2 million for Lift Fan Facility Project at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station
  • $30,000 for Wayne Action Team for Community Health
  • $30,000 for Communities Supporting Schools of Wayne County
  • $50,000 for ReNu Life in Goldsboro
  • $17 million for Global Transpark in Kinston
  • $10,000 Friends of the Homeless Shelter Kinston
  • $12,500 SAFE of Lenoir County
  • $7,500 for Make a Difference Food Pantry
  • $35,000 for Wayne Initiative For School Health
  • $40,000 for Lenior County United Way
  • $25,000 for Town of Eureka
  • $125,000 for Town of Fremont
  • $25,000 for Town of Hookerton
  • $50,000 for Town of Pikeville
  • $25,000 for Town of Seven Springs
  • $25,000 for Town of Snow Hill
  • $25,000 for Town of Walstonburg

Helping Hurricane Matthew Victims Recover

  • $60 million new funds for disaster relief
  • State disaster relief funds total over $360 million since Hurricane Matthew
  • $10 million for infrastructure grants for Golden LEAF Foundation

Investing in Teachers and Schools

  • A fifth-consecutive teacher pay raise averaging 6.5%
  • A $700 million increase in public education funding
  • $3,150 average principal pay raise

Making Schools Safer

  • $35 million for school safety initiatives
  • $241 million lottery funds to build or upgrade school facilities

Improving Compensation for State Employees

  • A new baseline salary of $31,200 for all state employees
  • A 2% raise for most state employees and a cost-of-living supplement for retirees

Connecting Rural North Carolina

  • $10 million investment in broadband access for rural communities

Ensuring Taxpayers Keep More of Their Hard-Earned Money

  • 99% of North Carolina families will pay lower state income taxes, or no taxes, in 2019
  • 25% new state income tax rate, down from a top rate of 7.75% since 2011.

Rewarding Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers

  • A 4% pay raise for all corrections officers
  • $44,000 starting pay for State Troopers
  • In 6 years of service a State Trooper will reach top of pay scale: $64,202
  • $15 million for security and safety improvements in state prisons

Saving for the Future

  • $161 million added to state’s rainy day fund for emergencies, which is now at a historic high of $2 billion