John Bell: President Trump is the easy choice for North Carolina

John Bell: President Trump is the easy choice for North Carolina
New Bern Sun Journal

Like many North Carolinians, I am very concerned with the extreme far-left policies of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Roy Cooper – and the direction they want to take our great state and country.

For me, President Trump is the easy choice for North Carolina.

When it comes to the economy, President Trump has delivered on his promises to cut taxes, grow jobs, reduce regulations and increase wages. In addition to the pro-growth reforms enacted by the Republican-led state legislature, North Carolina has now become a leading state for business and jobs.

In fact, for the third year in a row, North Carolina has been recognized by Forbes as the “Best State for Business.”

As we rebound from the COVID-19 outbreak, President Trump is exactly who we need to get our economy moving again. He has done it once – and he will do it again.

During his first term, President Trump built an economy that has benefitted every North Carolinian.

While the liberal media won’t give him credit, President Trump has not only helped the middle class, but his policies have lifted over 104,000 North Carolinians out of poverty and another 258,000 off food stamps.

This is in sharp contrast to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – career politicians who want to raise taxes, increase regulations, expand government, ban fossil fuels and ship jobs overseas. Joe Biden already promised that if he is elected President, your taxes will go up.

President Trump, on the other hand, has consistently put hardworking North Carolinians first. With regard to our state’s two largest economic drivers, agriculture and the military, the President has had an extremely positive impact on both – including strengthening and protecting the military and vocally supporting family farms.

When China targeted North Carolina’s farmers and tried to raise tariffs and shut down trading, President Trump turned the tables and made China pay over $18 billion dollars in assistance that went straight to our hardworking farmers. Furthermore, he cut the burdensome, outdated death tax and reduced agriculture regulations that were crushing small family farms.

Under a Joe Biden presidency, farmers in North Carolina will once again be at the mercy of China. He has consistently defended China’s actions without hesitation, to the great detriment of rural America. In fact, Joe Biden voted to support China’s trade relations, which resulted in the loss of over 130,800 jobs in North Carolina.

This does not even begin to touch the surface of the devastating impact a Biden-Harris administration would have on North Carolina and America as a whole.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have called for the defunding and dismantling of our law enforcement. Such action would have horrific consequences and jeopardize the safety of all North Carolinians.

That’s why President Trump has always stood up for our law enforcement community. These men and women knowingly – and willingly – put themselves in danger to protect our homes and families every single day, without hesitation, and they deserve better.

While the President has denounced the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to take a stand for those who serve and protect.

For example, Kamala Harris believes we should reimagine the role of police in our communities and supported the Mayor of Los Angeles’ $150 million dollar cut in police funding.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris continue to paint our police officers as the enemy, but the people of North Carolina know better. We respect and honor those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

This election cycle, North Carolinians should take a hard look at the facts before us. We have a choice to make in November and the stakes couldn’t be higher. For me, it is an easy one. I will be voting to re-elect President Trump.

John R. Bell, IV is the Majority Leader in the North Carolina House of Representatives. He represents House District 10, which includes Greene, Johnston and Wayne counties.