John Bell Once Again Earns Top Pro-Business Rating in NC House

Raleigh, NC – Today, the North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation (NCFREE) released a special COVID-19 edition of the organization’s 2019-2020 Legislative Business Rating (LBR), an analysis of the voting records of North Carolina General Assembly members as they relate to advancing and protecting business opportunities within the state.

In the North Carolina House of Representatives, Majority Leader John Bell (R- Greene, Johnston, Wayne) once again earned the highest rating, along with Rep. Larry Potts (R-Davidson), at 99.1%.

“It is an honor to once again be recognized with the top pro-business voting record in the state House,” said Rep. John Bell. “The coronavirus pandemic and the Governor’s shutdown orders have created significant challenges for our small businesses, and it’s why I have worked so hard to support struggling businesses and help them through this crisis.”
“Thanks to Republican pro-growth reforms like less taxes and fewer regulations, North Carolina has built a strong economy and has been rated the top state for business by Forbes for three straight years. As we navigate the challenges associated with the coronavirus, I will continue to promote polices that support of small businesses and job growth.”

“There is no ignoring the disruption and destruction caused by COVID-19 not only to our business community, but also to our friends and family,” said Anna Beavon Gravely, NCFREE Executive Director. “As such, the NCFREE Research Committee decided it was necessary to show how legislators are voting in 2020 and then how those votes impacted their overall 2019-2020 Session score. The rating of some legislators improved from their 2019 LBR to their 2019-2020 Session LBR as a result of the pro-business votes they made this year, and we wanted to highlight those changes.”

NC FreeEnterprise Foundation (NCFREE) is the premiere research organization in the state providing non-partisan analysis of the political landscape and its impact on North Carolina’s business environment.

The ratings for the Senators featured 20 recorded votes, and the ratings for the Representatives featured 19 recorded votes. Additional information on the methodology behind the ratings is available at our website,