Eastern NC Lawmakers Secure Key Investments in 2022 Budget

Raleigh, NC – Today, the N.C. General Assembly gave final approval to the 2022 budget, which appropriates $27.9 billion to meet critical needs across the state, including significant investments in school safety, teacher and state employee raises, infrastructure, economic development and water and sewer improvements.

The budget, which earned overwhelming bipartisan support in both chambers, also sets aside funding to prepare for a potential recession due to runaway federal spending and inflation. The Governor will have ten days to either sign or veto the budget before it automatically becomes law without his signature.

Locally, House Majority Leader John Bell, Representative Jimmy Dixon and Senate Majority Whip Jim Perry secured the following items in the budget for Wayne County and eastern North Carolina:


  • $250,000 for ACEs for Autism to assist autism community in eastern North Carolina.
  • $250,000 NC East Alliance to support economic development in eastern North Carolina.
  • $250,000 for the Wayne County Historical Society for museum building repairs.
  • $100,000 for the Fremont Historical Museum for building repairs.
  • $100,000 for Restoration of Hope Village in Goldsboro to assist homeless population.

Higher Education

  • $1.95 million to Wayne Community College for capital improvements.
  • $1.2 million the University of Mount Olive for operations and shortfalls.

Local Governments

  • $200,000 for Greene County for capital and building improvements.
  • $100,000 for the Town of Pikeville for building upgrades$100,000 for the City of Goldsboro for sidewalk upgrades.
  • $50,000 for the City of Goldsboro Parks and Recreation for equipment.

Fire Departments

  • $50,000 for the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department for search and rescue equipment.
  • $50,000 for the Grantham Fire Department for search and rescue equipment.
  • $50,000 for the Princeton Volunteer Fire Department for search and rescue equipment.
  • $50,000 for the Belfast Volunteer Fire Department for search and rescue equipment.

Water and Sewer Upgrades

  • $1.5 million for Town of Princeton for water and sewer upgrades.
  • $1 million for the Town of Mount Olive for water and sewer upgrades.  
“This is a responsible budget plan that prepares for an uncertain economic future while still investing in critical needs across our state, particularly in eastern North Carolina,” the lawmakers said in a joint statement. “We are very proud to have secured significant funding for our region, including much needed resources for local governments, fire departments, schools and upgrades to water and sewer systems.”

Statewide budget highlights include:

  • Teachers receive a 4.2% average pay raise (9.1% increase over the biennium).
  • School support staff receive the greater of 4% or an increase to $15/hour.
  • State agency employees receive a 3.5% pay raise (6% increase over the biennium).
  • State retirees receive an additional 1.0% one-time retiree supplement (4% over biennium).
  • $876 million for major economic development projects.
  • $32 million in school safety grants.
  • $14.8 million for mental health programs.
  • $883 million for water and sewer infrastructure projects ($2.5 billion over the biennium).